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Maladolescenza Spielen Wir Stream

Maladolescenza Spielen Wir Stream

Maladolescenza, also known as Spielen wir Liebe, Playing with Love, or Puppy Love, is a controversial 1977 film directed by Pier Giuseppe Murgia. The film depicts the sexual awakening of three adolescents in a forest, and features explicit scenes involving underage actors. Because of these scenes, the film has been banned in several countries and labeled as child pornography.

The film was co-produced by two German companies and an Italian one, and shot in Austria. It was released in Italy in 1977, and in Germany in 1978 with an 18+ rating. The film caused a public scandal because of its portrayal of taboo subjects and the exploitation of young actors. The film has been subject to various cuts and edits over the years, and different versions exist with different running times and titles.


The film is not legally available for streaming in most countries, as it is considered illegal to possess or distribute it. However, some websites may offer illegal streams or downloads of the film, which may expose users to legal risks and malware. The film is also not available on any official streaming platforms or DVD releases.

The film has been criticized by many critics and viewers for its artistic merit and ethical issues. Some have argued that the film is a form of child abuse and exploitation, and that it has no artistic value or social relevance. Others have defended the film as a daring and honest exploration of adolescent sexuality and psychology, and that it challenges the conventional norms and taboos of society.

The film remains a controversial and divisive work of cinema, and one that is difficult to access legally and safely. It is not recommended to seek out illegal streams or downloads of the film, as they may violate the law and harm the computer. The film is also not suitable for minors or sensitive viewers, as it contains graphic and disturbing scenes of sexual violence and cruelty.

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