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Teen Tied Gagged ##HOT##

Court documents say that Cook and his roommate and co-worker, John Matzke, were drunk and high on methamphetamine when they stole $97 from Cruz-Ramos, who worked with the men at a Bob's Big Boy Restaurant and had just moved in with them. After they robbed Cruz-Ramos, they overpowered him, gagged him and tied him to a chair.

teen tied gagged

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Cook and Matzke tied him naked to a chair and gagged him, but Matzke said he wouldn't participate in the teen's torture and fell asleep. He awoke to see Swaney crying, and Cook told him that he had sodomized the teen and that they had to kill him, according to court records.

In a case that has attracted intense scrutiny, soldiers temporarily zip-tied and gagged a 78-year-old Palestinian-American after detaining him in the West Bank earlier this year. He was later found dead, after troops untied him and left without providing medical care. The military said it is considering filing charges against two soldiers over his death.

A window of light flashed against his eyeballs, making him squint. A dark, hunching figure stood in the open doorway. "Rise and shine, Johnny!" Casket said, walking into the room. "Had a good sleep? Yeah, I thought so." He flipped a switch on the wall and a blinking lightbulb dimly illuminated the dreary room. Casket's face was shocking; almost a year ago Casket had looked like a young adult. But now, he looked like a teenager...but with the face of a wise old man. Casket pulled a sizable curved knife out of his jean pocked it and waved it in Ghost's face.

Ghost growled. "I don't need your attitude," Casket pulled up a stool and sat in front of Ghost. "I untied you because I feel like we don't....connect when you're all tied up and gagged, you know? Anyway, I'm not one to spoil the movie, so I'll say the bare necessities, alright? Good."

Cold air blasted his face, and the smell of death attacked his senses. He instantly shut the door again. He gagged. "That smell...What's in there, Sally?" he asked. She looked down. "That room he's in is the laundry room, where Billy and I washed Papa's undies. That might be the smell," she asked. Aimee smiled a little bit. But then Sally cringed. "Or the tons of dead animals and rotton foods we had to throw to Jeremy to stop him from crying and screaming," she said. Aimee grasped her mouth. Toast gulped.

Now every sight, every feeling, and every smell was as worse as ever because Toast and Aimee could see it all. After fighting it back, finally Toast threw up in the corner. Without explaining details, the left side of the room had a table with broken glasses and cobwebs, next to it had three washing machines and a sink, which were all four not working. The right side had nothing on it but the mutilated mess of Jeremy's meals as well as a few rags which Toast figured to be Jeremy's bed. And in the front of the room was a large, iron gate with a torn section at the center. Toast looked at Sally. "Ready?" Sally nodded. She slowly opened the tall gate, looking inside. Her eyes widened. She looked at Aimee. "He's doing the thing he always does when he's not eating; sitting in the corner crying," Toast and Aimee started to hear it. It sounded like a warped version of a teen woman's cry, but it was very unearthly and unsettling. Finally, Aimee's curiosity piqued and she looked into the door. She looked solemn, but not disturbed. She looked at Toast. "Come and see," she said. "It's actually kind of...sad." Toast walked over and looked into the square room.

The door opened and Casket poked his head in. "I've really done it, really. Beyond your level, it is. Amazing and spectacular and groovy," he said cheerfully. He walked in, pulling up his sleeve to reveal a large device tied around his wrist. "This is something you want to try. Ready?" he said. Ghost backed away. "What are you going to do," he said. Casket took off the device and placed it on Ghost. "Press that blue button. And then think of any memory, and keep it. Let it do its magic." Ghost followed the instructions and pressed the button. He tried to think about something happy, but all he could think about was the Honeyhall Manor, and what went on in it. The unholy horrors that uncurled from the house and the evils that followed him since that time. He shook it from his mind instantly and tried to think of something else, but just then, he was surrounded by dark fog and whistling. He opened his eyes and looked around to see what was happening. He felt blinding light against his eyeballs so he shut his eyes again until he thought it safe to try again.

"Bravo, John, you destroyed my spectacular invention. You're a special kind of mean." He said. Ghost and Toast froze, mouths gaping open. "Why so shocked?" he said, before laughing. "You honestly think I untied you and went into a time machine, free for you to escape and do whatever? Are you completely dense? Wow, this was so easy." Toast lurched forward, but Casket quickly turned the gun on him. "Watch it, crumpets, I'll kill you. In fact, I could," he said. "John, see this? Does this remind you of that one day I shot you? Well, I've come to relive that moment. Except it isn't you. Say goodbye to your pal, John," Casket said, and he pulled the trigger on Toast. 041b061a72

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