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Where To Buy Business Cards In Store

Want to make a standout first impression at events, meetings and more? Create business cards that you can confidently hand out to new customers and prospects. Pass them around at events to introduce yourself and your business, or add them to goodie bags, folders and more.

where to buy business cards in store

Business cards are great for meeting people and establishing a professional reputation. If potential customers ask for one, it looks really sharp when you hand them a polished, memorable business card with everything they need to get in touch.

Vistaprint offers standard 14pt card stock, premium 16pt stock, and even plastic business cards that are washable. In addition to basic card shapes, Vistaprint can help you stand out with square business cards and rounded corner business cards.

Vistaprint goes beyond standard business cards to offer both premium and specialty options. Premium includes higher-quality paper stock, unique shapes, and textures. There are also eco-friendly options.

In addition to business cards, you can use Zazzle to create referral, appointment, and customer loyalty cards, too. So once you have your business card look and feel dialed in, you can build an entire suite of cohesive marketing materials to showcase your brand.

Most printing services only give you a great rate when you order in bulk of at least a few hundred cards. But GotPrint has standard and glossy business cards available starting at $9.80 for 100, which is a reasonable price.

Once you design your business cards, you can also order other marketing materials from GotPrint at reasonable prices, too. Choose from stickers, labels, signs, postcards, flyers, bookmarks, and more.

Certain websites offer square business cards, mini business cards, and business cards with rounded edges. There are even printers offering fruit-shaped business cards or other unique shapes like hearts, oblong geometrics, stars, and more.

Some people like uniquely shaped business cards because they stand out from the crowd. This might be fine for certain industries. But it would be strange for a banker or a lawyer to hand out a business card shaped like a starfish.

But beyond stock, consider the material being used and the texture of the cards you want to order. Today you can get business cards printed on linen, cotton, recycled materials, plastic, and other materials. Some printing services even offer cork or embossed business cards.

A huge part of our culture at Popl is focusing on sustainable solutions that help the environment. Popl uses technology instead of wasteful paper to connect professionals, saving forests around the world. Goodbye paper business cards, hello Popl.Go Green With Us >

MIT Copytech has our online store for official MIT business cards. These cards comply with MIT branding guidelines and are printed on 100# smooth white or natural cover stock with a standard 24 hour turnaround. The store includes a catalog of existing department and school branded cards.

Official MIT business cards can be ordered in quantities of 100, 250, 500 or 1,000. Two-sided printing is also available (certain restrictions apply). For the creation of an MIT department or school-branded card, please submit an inquiry or call 617-253-2806.

Authorized department representatives may order business cards through Allegra Marketing. Please note that GVSU students are prohibited from ordering GVSU business cards. Allegra's My Order Desk website maintains a standard format for business cards in compliance with the GVSU identity policy. This secure site offers a formatted template for you to enter the following fields:

The customization options available give you the power to create business cards that set you apart from the competition. You can be as creative as you like. Or you can use one of the ready-made templates to accelerate the design process. Play around with different images, color schemes, fonts, and text layouts.

With the Adobe Express business card maker, you can quickly and easily make business cards that fit your brand. Adobe Express has thousands of templates to choose from that you can customize to fit your brand by adding your logo, branded fonts, color palette, and more.

And while you can order a smaller amount of business cards if you choose, its standard business cards start around $35 for a batch of 1,000. With the additional $35 for a business card design, you can get 1,000 new business cards for less than $100.

Canva, which is often used to create social media images, can also make business cards. Choose from one of the suggested layouts or build your own from scratch. Business cards take longer to make with this tool, but they can be completely customized.

The fancier the paper stock you choose, the more expensive your business cards will be. However, if you have a bit of wiggle room in your budget, unique business cards will stand out more than standard ones.

You can also opt for ultra-thick cards or sleek thin cards for something different. If you want something special, look at each of the card materials the above business card makers offer to see what resonates with you.

If you have a product or service that is of interest to the general public - pinning up and distributing business cards on bulletin boards is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to advertise. This zero-cost source of sales-leads is a great strategy for small businesses, professional services, trades people and home based entrepreneurs.

Bottom line: If you see a bulletin board , put up some cards - do it and do it often. Distributing business cards on community bulletin boards is one Guerrilla marketing tactic that when added to other initiatives can increase visibility and ultimately income and sales.

About CardCues - CardCues patented business card holders allow any business to take advantage of hundreds of free community bulletin boards. CardCues hold over 40 business cards and easily pin to bulletin boards or stand upright on a desk. They're a cheap, easy, inexpensive way to advertise locally using business cards. For more information visit

We offer a wide range of business card printing materials to help you design a card that's unique to your business. Whether you choose our ultra-thick premium 450gsm silk, go for a standard 350gsm silk, or try something different like Kraft or recycled business cards, our range has the perfect business card printing stock for you.

Spot UV allows you to add ultra high gloss to specific areas of your design, like your logo, giving your business cards a premium look and feel, and allowing you to get more creative with your design. We use spot UV on the colourful spots on our business card as well as our logo to really show it off!

Right at the center of the financial district, we have offered fast and easy nationwide printing services for close to 40 years. As a quality oriented printer, we are happy to offer a wide variety of services to our nationwide and local Manhattan customers. Though business cards are our core service, we also offer many other printing services to our NYC and Nationwide customers. Brochure Printing, Holiday Card Printing, Custom Letterhead Printing, Custom Stationery Printing, Flyer printing, Postcards, Invitation Cards and any other general printing service are common requests for us.

One of our most significant features is our ability to offer graphic design and printing services in just about any language. Whether you are seeking basic English business cards, or something more complex such as Arabic translation services, we offer the multilingual solution that you are looking for. Some of our more popular languages are English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic. Our translation services have passed the test of time and prove to be one of our most popular services. Wherever you are, or whatever you need, we have a multilingual solution for you.

At Japan Printing and Graphics, we have more than 40 years of experience in the printing industry, and we have specialized in business cards ever since we started in the 1970s. With us, you will find an expert team that knows all about business card etiquette, business card printing techniques, styles, finishes, and printing best practices for optimal results. All orders are assigned a business card specialist to ensure your business card project is done right from start to finish.

If we use the standard size of business cards in the USA (3.5 x 2.0 inches), the size with bleeds would be 3.625 x 2.125 inches. On the other hand, the safe zone would be the opposite, 3.375 x 1.875 inches.

There are business card papers that cannot have some finishes or even straight corners (like plastic business cards). So to avoid back and forth, we always recommend our clients to start by picking the finish they would like to have and then see what other features can be added to the business card.

To make the colors of your business cards always look the same, you have to use Pantone colors. If you also want your business card colors to be the same as other printing materials you have. In that case, you can use the same Pantone color across other stationery you have, and the color will be the same.

Business cards can last years if they are taken care of properly. In our record books, we have 7-years-old business cards that still look great. There are two main reasons our business cards look good like that after so many years. The first one is that our papers and inks are of the highest quality; the second one is that we carefully store them in a cold, dry place in plastic business card slots.

Also, if durability is the most important business card factor for you, plastic business cards might be your best option. Our recyclable plastic business cards can last long periods in a wallet or business card holders without losing quality at the same rate paper business cards do.

On average, you can keep up to 25-30 business cards in a wallet. The number of business cards you can keep in your wallet depends on the thickness of the business cards themselves. A standard business card thickness is 16pt, but you can find business cards up to 45pt thick. A credit card is 32pt thick. 041b061a72

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