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Kidding 2x2

First fresheners sometimes have very small teats which make milking difficult. Take heart, these usually lengthen out to a comfortable length within several weeks of kidding. However, some bloodlines will tend to transmit this trait, so avoid breeding to bucks from such lines.

Kidding 2x2

After a doe has been milking for seven months, it is desirable to breed her if she is in good health and not too run down by the strain of milking. By doing this, one can maintain a 12-month kidding interval, considered ideal. Gestation for goats is roughly 5 months, or 150 days. First-time does tend to go a few days longer.

A while ago, I posted a challenge asking to determine whether or not it's possible to arrange arbitrary rectangles to fill a rectangular space, here. That got answers, so clearly it was too easy. (Just kidding, it was fairly challenging, congrats to the answerers :D) 041b061a72

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