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I Am Butterfly Essay

The birds are so lucky. They can fly to any place they want. I wish I could fly. I wish I were a butterfly. Butterflies are so beautiful. There are so many colours on butterflies' body. I cannot believe that they are natural colours. It looks like beautiful paintings. If I were a butterfly I would sit on the most beautiful flower. Butterflies are lucky because their food is so sweet - honey. Wow! I can eat something sweet whenever I am hungry. I will fly from one flower to another like we play hop-scotch. I will sleep on a bed of flowers. Life will be so beautiful like a dream. I can visit so many places. I would like my body to be red in colour and my wings should have all the colours of the rainbow. My friends will be jealous of my beauty. Oh! How I wish I were a butterfly.

I Am Butterfly Essay


Some teens may feel that being with friends and peers is freedom, some responsible citizens feel that loving their country and doing something about it is freedom while some think that being in the lap of Mother Nature is freedom. My idea of freedom is being a butterfly.

Nature has bounty of birds and insects that are blessed with qualities that make them unique and abilities & roles that make them an indispensable part of this ecosystem. A butterfly is quite a light flying insect which belongs to the family of moths.

Everyone wants to be beautiful and attractive and get everyone's attention like a butterfly. I like butterflies very much and today I have come up with an essay on If I were a Butterfly. So let us start with the essay.

When we returned back to our home my sister started showing photos clicked by her in the garden to our family members. She had clicked a photograph of a beautiful butterfly. Looking at the photo everyone was talking about the beauty of that butterfly, at that time a thought came to my mind what if I were a butterfly, and I started to imagine what will happen if I became a butterfly.

When I will become a butterfly I will get so colorful and beautiful wings. Watching the integrated design of mine wings people will always talk about my beauty and appreciate me. Photographers like my sister will always be behind me to take my beautiful and attractive photos.

If I were a butterfly then I would fly from one place to another and there will be no one who will stop me. I will require no permission to go out of the house and the most important thing I will not have to face any traffic problems.

As a student, I have to study so much, after finishing school I have to go to the tuition, and once I return back home I have to finish with both the homework. I don't even get time to play. But if I were a butterfly then there will be no need to study, and there is no question left about school and tuition. And I will able to play for the whole day flying from one flower to another flower.

How great it will be being a butterfly, if we are hungry we can eat whatever we want. I want to sleep we can sleep anywhere without any disturbance. If I were a butterfly than life would be so beautiful isn't it?.

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Thanks for taking us on the Branson butterfly tour. Reminds me of a similar setting in Vienna. Inside, the humid air and lush (imported) rainforest with gentle waterfalls immediately transported us away from the bustling city center outside. At one point, probably because my wife and I were wearing yellow and blue hoodies, several enormous butterflies perched on us until we were lightly coated in dusty colorful wings. Felt like a fairytale.

10 Lines on Butterfly: Butterflies come under the insect order of Lepidoptera along with moths as well as skippers. Many species of butterflies can be found all over the world. The meaning of Lepidoptera is Squamous wings in Greek. This name perfectly suits the butterflies as their body is covered with a large number of small scales one after another in rows. Like gems that are shining, the butterflies add colors to our surroundings. The way they fly shows the richness of life, joyfulness, and freedom. The beautiful colors of the butterflies are as evocative as a flower, which primarily helps in the process of pollination, which in return helps mostly in the processes of the ecosystem. One of the most beautiful mystery is the appearance of the butterfly. They start their journey as a caterpillar and, after some time, emerge as beautiful and eye-captivating butterflies.

Answer: Although different species of butterflies have different abilities to live or different lifespans, especially the lifespan of a butterfly for the adult stage. But for almost 12 months, a butterfly generally survives. The mourning cloak butterfly is believed to be the longest living in North America. The mayflies live the shortest among other species of butterflies. The Mayflies live for just 24 hours or a single day compared to the mourning cloak, which lives for at least 6 to 12 months.

Answer: The main difference between a butterfly and a moth is their position of the wings when they are resting. The butterflies hold their wings together in their backs and keep it upright, but moths hold their wings horizontally just like a tent. Butterflies have slim antennae and expanded tip, but moths have feathery antennae, which are kind of threadlike.

Answer: The mother butterfly generally lays their eggs on the lower surface of the leaves. After 3 to 4 days, the eggs usually hatch and come out as young ones called the caterpillar or also as larvae. Their first meal is an eggshell. After eating, they go to the young leaves and start shedding their skin many times. Once it is big enough, it stops eating and starts changing its appearance. It grows as a cocoon and, after almost 30 days, transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

A "social butterfly" describes someone who's socially oriented, outgoing, and often very charismatic and charming. If someone's called you a social butterfly before, it's probably because you've always got plans lined up and/or you have a way with people that others notice.

To be extroverted is to thrive in social interactions and favor them over personal alone time. Such is the life of a social butterfly, whose days nearly always include plans to see, or at least talk with, the people in their lives.

Along with having no problem meeting new people, social butterflies also tend to be skilled conversationalists. Things like chatting it up with a stranger, networking at a professional function, or keeping a group discussion engaging come easily for the social butterfly. Hardly shy, these folks can keep a convo going as long as they want to.

"If a social butterfly knows that they tend to be late for work because they stop to chat with people on the train or on the way into the office," she adds, "they should plan ahead to build in time for that behavior so they are still able to arrive at their office on time."

Haven't finished your online Pilates class? Your friend calling can wait! Anything that can help a social butterfly pause to consider the situation before impulsively deciding to hang out with people will be beneficial to them.

If they're a social butterfly and you're not, it can definitely be frustrating if they bail on plans, double-book themselves, or show up late to your dinner date. Be honest with them about how you're feeling, but understand that things like spontaneity, variety, and excitement are important to these folks.

Butterflies are a unique insect because they have a life cycle that comes in four distinct stages. Each of these stages has a drastically different appearance. These four stages are the egg stage, the larva stage, the pupa stage and finally the fourth stage, where the butterfly finally appears. This cycle is called the butterfly metamorphosis and is both beautiful and astonishing. During the first stage, the butterfly starts out as an egg. The egg is very small and either cylindrical or a perfect circle. For some butterflies, you can even see the tiny caterpillar growing inside the egg. These eggs are usually found on leaves. Patience is required in order to find them because they are small. The second stage comes after the egg hatches. From the egg comes a caterpillar, which is a butterfly larvae. During this stage, all the caterpillar does is eat. They start as soon as they are born and eat the leaf that they were born on. Different caterpillars like different flavors of leaf, so the mother lays the eggs on the caterpillars favorite flavor of leaf. The caterpillar starts small, but grows quickly as it is eating. The caterpillar also sheds its skin many times as it grows because its outside shell, called an exoskeleton, does not grow with it. The third stage is called the pupa stage. Once the caterpillar is all grown up, it starts to form a chrysalis, which is a type of cocoon. Inside the chrysalis, there is a lot of change going on, but on the outside, it looks still. The old parts that made up the caterpillar are melting away and changing to form the parts that make up the butterfly. In the final stage, all the change is done. The caterpillar has finishing transforming through metamorphosis inside the pupa and will now come out of the chrysalis. When the butterfly first comes out, the wings will be tenderly folded closed. It will stay like that for a little while so that it can rest from all the work of coming out of the chrysalis. Then, over three to four hours, the butterfly will flap its wings until they are properly working. It will then fly around and look to make an egg of its own! Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

From 2016 to now in 2021, I have grown so much in knowledge and the physical sense and emotionally. I have lived through plenty of horrendous events, a pandemic, losing a baby, and so much more. It took five years to become the person I am today, like a caterpillar going into a chrysalis and emerging a butterfly. I have become the butterfly. Reflecting on all of this now, I don't think the previous advice is what I would give at all. While it's all excellent advice, it wouldn't give me the time I needed to grow into the butterfly I have become.

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