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Boeri was one of very few women of her era to graduate from Milan Polytechnic with an architecture degree, which she did in 1951. Her illustrious career hinged on the strict economy of her designs and limited palette of materials. For example, her innovative 1971 Serpentone sofa for Arflex was crafted from just one material, polyurethane foam, and sold by the meter. Her ingenious 1987 Ghost chair for Fiam was cut from a single sheet of thick glass.

buy ghost chair


This is for the famous Ghost chair designed by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi and manufactured by Fiam Italy 1987. This fantastic transparent 12mm glass chair was made of thick curved & hardened glass and has a load capacity of 150 KG. This monolithic chair is a true sculpture by itself and a real centerpiece of attention in any room it takes place! The chair was bought in 1989 and for a chair being 20 years old it looks amazing! This chair is in excellent condition, there is only a very minimal flaw in the chair, no damage but a small bump in the glass that turned up during the making process of this chair. Besides this its in excellent condition.

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"When I got to the bottom of the box and nothing was left but a small white box I was confused," she said. "When I opened it and pulled that chair out, I literally busted out laughing tears and all because I couldn't believe I bought that."

Each Ghost Chair has a very sharp-edged, graphic silhouette. Yet when placed under a distinctive light, an internal shape in the transparent objects is revealed. An unexpected organic and elusive ghostlike figure appears, like frozen smoke.

Designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell in 2005, the Victoria Ghost chair is a more linear version of the popular Louis Ghost chair. Without armrests, the chair is also lighter. Made of durable, transparent plastic, Victoria Ghost combines a comfortable, stable structure with a characteristic expression. The classic silhouette and modern material make Victoria Ghost perfect for all types of interiors and uses. The chair is stackable and also suitable for outdoor use.

Your order will be delivered to the shipping address on a pallet via the TNT Economy Express or TNT Express service. TNT is often the most economical shipping method for bulky and oversized items such as sofas, lounge chairs and dining tables. Please note that carrying the goods indoors or upstairs is not included in the service.

This high quality Smoke Grey Ghost Style Plastic Louis Armchair is a classic design. It is made from a single-mould injection in clear smoke polycarbonate. This chair is extremely popular with our customers for both indoor or outdoor use and is praised for its high quality and price value. It is a striking piece which will look absolutely stunning in both relaxed and more formal environments. It is perfect as a side statement chair or as part of a set mixed in with other chairs. French style furniture has become extremely popular over recent years, with design classics such as this Ghost Style chair now being available in many different colours including solid and transparent plastics. These plastic chairs are extremely versatile and work well in both formal and informal environments. Whether you are creating the ultimate in vintage French chic or a well designed mix of classic and contemporary furniture, the French style is always a popular choice.

The Ghost Chair is an artistic sculpture made entirely from a sole monolithic curved glass. Designed by the architects and designers Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi for Fiam Italy, and manufactured in 1987 this impressive, transparent glass chair is an international design icon. Displayed at Moma, in New York this piece is truly one of a kind, with each manufactured glass seat unique, and an absolute novelty. As its name implies Ghost is transparent with hardwearing, thick yet fluid glass curves that give it the illusion of floating; its load capacity is 150 kilograms or 330 pounds making this design both sturdy and functional. A contemporary piece with hints of refined retro, the Ghost Chair is a classic statement seat sure to stand out.

This chair is a postmodern triumph of technical innovation and historical style. Translating the varied lines and formal geometry of its predecessor into a single form of translucent injection-molded polycarbonate, it is a robust chair with not a single weak point. A generously sized seat and medallion backrest offer leisurely comfort.

The famous Ghost Chair is commonly known to be associated with designer Philippe Starck. Originally, the ghost chair was named the Louis Ghost Chair based on another iconic furniture, the Louis XVI Chair. However, it was initially designed even fifteen years before Starck by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi. It served as an experiment as Boeri felt bored of designing chairs and wanted to try to create an invisible one. The original 1987 design by Boeri and Katayanagi used a thick sheet of 12mm glass. However, it was Philippe Starck who reinvented the design by making it plastic in 2002.

Polycarbonate is a good performance, heat resistance, wear resistance of engineering plastics, stability and impact resistance is exceptionally good. Impressive transparent colors create a special feeling that is simple, empty, and weird. The entire skeleton of the acrylic ghost chair is presented in a transparent manner, subverting the traditional furniture production methods and design concepts, full of rebellion.

The shape of the ghost dining chair is also remarkably interesting, especially when you have some lights, it will certainly let your heartbeat. Ghost chairs are sure to give your modern home a bright light.

Ghost chairs are the perfect chair for interior and exterior spaces. Whether you are looking to add a minimalist touch to a dining room, blend in modern elements to a café space, or have beautiful seating at a beach wedding, ghost chairs are a perfect choice.

From seating in an indoor home theater to an outdoor cocktail party, ghost chairs provide the perfect balance of modern and timeless. They are extremely durable, work with virtually any space, and provide a touch of class to any type of room making them an excellent choice for any design need.

Ghost chairs are typically transparent. While the modern design is made up of acrylic plastic, it is a flexible piece of furniture that can take up various color tints, but still maintain its translucent nature. 041b061a72

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