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Winols Checksum Dll

Winols Checksum Dll: A Complete Guide for ECU Tuning

ECU tuning is the process of modifying the software of an engine control unit (ECU) to improve the performance, fuel efficiency, or emissions of a vehicle. ECU tuning can be done by changing the parameters of the maps, tables, and constants that control the engine's behavior. However, editing the ECU file can also alter its checksum, which is a value that is calculated from the data in the file. The checksum is used to verify the integrity and validity of the file. If the checksum does not match the expected value, the ECU may reject the file or cause errors in the engine's operation.


Therefore, it is important to correct the checksum of the ECU file after editing it. This can be done manually by using a calculator or a hex editor, but this is tedious and prone to errors. A better way is to use a tool that can automatically calculate and correct the checksum of the file. One such tool is Winols Checksum Dll.

What is Winols Checksum Dll?

Winols Checksum Dll is a plugin that enables Winols to perform checksum correction automatically. Winols is a popular software for ECU tuning that allows users to edit, compare, and analyze ECU files. Winols supports various file types and formats, such as Bosch MDG1, Caterpillar FLS/FL2, Ford MG1CSxxx, and more . However, Winols does not have a built-in checksum correction function. Therefore, users need to install a plugin that can handle the checksum calculation for different types of files.

Winols Checksum Dll is one of the plugins that can be installed in Winols to enable checksum correction. It supports a wide range of file formats and checksum algorithms, such as Siemens Tricore, EMS3180, SID310, SIM2K-341, SIMOS19.x, SID212, SIMOS16.21, MSD87, PCR2.1, EMS2214, EMS2302, SIM2K-260, SID209, SID603, and more. It also offers some advanced features, such as CVN fix, EEprom checksum, and experimental FL2 export. Winols Checksum Dll requires Winols Checksum points to access , which can be purchased from EVC, the developer of Winols.

How to use Winols Checksum Dll?

To use Winols Checksum Dll, users need to download and install it in Winols. The installation process is simple and straightforward. Users can follow these steps:

  • Download Winols Checksum Dll from EVC's website . Users need to select the appropriate version for their Winols software (Winols 4 or Winols 5).

  • Extract the zip file and copy the dll file (OLS1002.dll or OLS818.dll) to the plugins folder of Winols (C:\Program Files\EVC\WinOLS\plugins).

  • Restart Winols and check if the plugin is activated in the options menu (Options > Plugins > Installed plugins).

  • Open an ECU file in Winols and edit it as desired.

  • Save the file and check if the checksum is corrected automatically by Winols Checksum Dll. Users can also manually correct the checksum by clicking on Tools > Correct checksums.

Users can also customize some settings of Winols Checksum Dll by clicking on Options > Plugins > Plugin settings > OLS1002 or OLS818. For example, users can enable or disable CVN fix, RSA patch, or FL2 export for some file formats. Users can also view the version details and change log of Winols Checksum Dll by clicking on Help > Plugins > Plugin info > OLS1002 or OLS818.


Winols Checksum Dll is a useful plugin that enhances the functionality of Winols by enabling automatic checksum correction for various ECU file formats. It saves time and effort for users who want to tune their ECUs without worrying about checksum errors. It also provides some additional features that can improve the quality and compatibility of the tuned files. Winols Checksum Dll is compatible with both Winols 4 and Winols 5 and can be downloaded from EVC's website. Users need to have Winols Checksum points to access the plugin, which can be purchased from EVC as well.

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